About Us

Roundel Motor Werks is the Ultimate Dealership Alternative for the service, maintenance and repair of BMW vehicles on Cape Cod and Plymouth County.

RMW was started in 2013 by Patrick Martin, A BMW and ASE Master Certified Technician. He founded the business because he was tired of being left in the cold by auto dealers that had no regard for their customers or for their employees. He knew that he could offer something that the other dealers could not, which is MORE ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL SERVICE.

"While working at the other dealerships I found that when the technician and the customer could interact that their (the customers) automobile could be repaired more efficiently. There is always something lost when the technician gets second and sometimes third hand information in regard to problems with the customers vehicle." - Pat Martin, Owner

Why is RMW the Ultimate Dealership Alternative?
Simply put, RMW can offer you a more efficient and cost effective means of servicing your BMW vehicle.
In a dealership Service Department most technicians and service writers are paid commission. This fosters a "look out for myself" attitude and sometimes even motivates individuals towards unscrupulous decisions or actions. At most Dealerships only 1 in 4 technicians have achieved Master Level and the likelihood your vehicle will be worked on by one of them is remote. Service writers may actually have little to none when it comes to automotive repair experience. We have invested in dealer level equipment and in some cases exceed dealership requirements level. We employ only the best and most talented, technicians trained at BMW dealers and, unlike the dealers, At RMW your BMW will only be worked on by a BMW and ASE Master Technician or a Certified Technician under Master Supervision. Pat Martin is BMW and ASE Master Certified and is personally involved in the repair and service of every vehicle that enters the shop.


Hours of Operation:
Monday -Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: Closed